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Monthly Archives: August 2007

shannon + rod

I really can’t say enough about this wedding. I simply love these guys. Not only did they choose all my favorite NW vendors, but they were just incredible, fun, relaxed people. My favorite part was hearing Shannon constantly exclaiming, “this is perfect, just perfect.” These two are contenders for the had-the-most-fun-on-their-wedding-day award. So here is […]

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Jasmine* - What an awesome wedding! And those food shots just are so much fun! 🙂

jen - love! the new header!!! and the reflection in the aviators rocks. 🙂 still love to do lunch sometime!

erin kate - wow! looks like a fabulous wedding! i love them all!

molly + brandon

Okay– back from Camp and finally able to post some photos from Molly and Brandon’s wedding here in Bellingham. And yes, I did just happen upon that cool red couch on the beach while driving to the wedding. Perfect for this totally fun, spirited, creative and beautiful couple. And I had to take them to […]

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Greg - Ridiculously good photos… Well done indeed

Awwww | Old School 8junebugs - […] you’re a fan of excellent wedding photography, check out Molly & Brandon’s wedding from last […]

mindy - Those are beautiful! The red couch is the most magnificent wedding photo I have ever seen. Beautiful!

MIchèle - Jessica- I shot this wedding with my Nikon D200 and mostly prime lenses. I also shoot with a Canon 5D. Thanks for all of your kind words everyone! I did have GREAT subjects!

AllMenus.com Blog » Blog Archive » Forget About Food! Look at These Wedding Photos! - […] she doles out a drool-inducing photo list of the wedding feast. PLUS, her photographer tosses us many, many photoliscious crumbs from the event on her blog too. […]

Jessica - Wow! I am stunned by your photography – how beautiful! The color, the light! Please tell… what kind of camera do you shoot with?

Best – Jessica

jenn - WOW! Your photography is inspiring. I hope you are in crazy, high demand because your talent warrants it. The light is just amazing.
Linked to you from Molly’s blog – and it makes me wish I lived in the NW where I could take advantage of you and Ciao Thyme, and the scenery, and, and, and…

Jennifer Dery - As a fellow photographer AND foodie, I just wanted to say kudos! That red couch was bloody brilliant!

renee erickson - Your photos are wonderful.
I was at the wedding and you did a supurb job capturing the romance and love that
was present that evening.


Lydia - I read Orangette and love, love, the pic of Molly and Branding dancing amongst the clouds. Great shot!

Sara - Your pictures are incredible. You have made a wedding into art.