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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Danielle + Stewart

Two architects from Seattle, Danielle and Stewart spent the last year renovating their first fixer-upper. So why not plan a wedding too? And at, that why not have it their yard? And they pulled it off– a stylish, modern, community event involving neighbors, friends, co-workers and family– everyone got involved. So under their yard’s grand […]

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Jasmine* - Ooooh, Michele, this wedding is just divine! LOVE it! 🙂

melissa - oh the dress is amazing I’m following that link

melissa - oooh these are gorgeous! perfect light and romantic lovely editing beautiful!

Jun Nakamuro - Michele,
Your work is always AMAZING!! I shoot weddings too..(well, I am trying,,)
Thank you for the inspirations!!

Melissa Koehler - Amazing shots! What fun images you captured!
Awesome work as always!

Danielle Rawson - Michele
I love the editing you did to our images!
They have such an ethereal quality and have become, in a way, timeless.

And because you asked so nicely – here is a link to the woman who made my dress. She was awesome to work with and is very talented. She hand-dyes all her material and approaches garment construction in a totally unique way.

Chrissy Wai-Ching – you will find her at:

erin kate - what a fabulous wedding!


Everyone who knows me knows that I can’t get enough of Autumn (my husband  just called me a fall-o-file.) I just love everything about it. My family starts eating soup just as soon as the end of September rolls around and well, we just don’t stop. Winter squash just really kills me in particular. I […]

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Melissa Koehler - I love fall too! I just took Aiden to his first pumpkin patch too. Fall is wonderful!!!

Kristen bomhof - I really love the picture of your daughter holding the pumpkin. Super cute!

Lara + Aaron

From corn field frolicking to rolling in the grass to crazy rides on a pink bike with a banana seat [wish I still had mine,] Lara and Aaron were simply the best at putting up with my crazy ideas. They got married at Tailskid Meadows on the perfect September day. Here are just a few […]

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Jessica - I have to say that these are some of my most favorite wedding shots yet. What fun! It looks like they have such a great time together.

rachael - ditto x2 on the “jumping groom” shot. love it!

Melissa Koehler - These are so wonderful. The couple is adorable!
I love the airplane shots!

Melissa - My favorite is the picture of them kissing up in the right hand corner and the focus is on the flowers. Amazing shot!

jaemi - uhhh…amazing yet again! man – i am soooo excited for our shoot. can you make me look this good? 🙂

RE - love the shot of him jumping over her! and a plane? a pink bike? awesome corn field? I’m guessing… could you have asked for more cool things to shoot?

Della - WOWEE! i smell some wpja winners here….

Alishia - very fun. i like the lighting in the one of her on the bike and awesome job catching her expression cutting the cake

jen - gorgeous and fun!

neille - you make me want to get married!!!! love you & miss you!

erin kate - ditto on the groom jumping over the bride…i love it! looks like a very fun shoot!

sara from whitebox - i love the groom jumping over the bride shot! i am so excited that you are going to be with me in mexico!

jeremy - you freakin rock 🙂 i mean, really nice stuff misha. looks like a sweet spot too.

Coz! - I WANNA RIDE THAT BIKE!!! This couple is soooo cute!!! Beautiful colors, and their emotions are just priceless. You know just how to capture the perfect moments.