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When all is said and done, there is nothing like a good chocolate chip cookie to celebrate  (we whipped a batch to celebrate the new site being launched.)  Now I am pretty picky about my cookies and I have two recipes that I swear by.  Mind you, I am not into the typical toll-house, thin, […]

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katy moran - DAPH HAS GOTTEN SO BIG! Ah so adorable. And I am going to try this recipe, they sound delicious!!! Your pictures are inspiring, as always, michele. Keep it up!

Ali - I love Daphne’s hair cut. Claire’s is cut that way, too.

Leah Crews - Your website looks amazing! And I will be trying your recipe…choclate chip cookies are my favorite!!!

crystal - Thank you for this recipe! I found your site through JL, I’m so glad I did because your style is fantastic! I also prefer my cookies to be more like a meal so I’m excited to try these. I hope our paths cross in the future….

michelemwaite - Serg- come back to me and you shall have them everyday!

Naomi Cox - Yum — these look so good!! I am always baking cookies and could use a new recipe! Can’t wait to try them out. Love your new site + blog. Congrats on the launch! It was great seeing you last night. Thanks for making dinner for us — a big help! Give that little girl a hug for me!

Michelle Guzman - Oh yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love chocolate chip cookies!!!

sergio - just my luck that you never left any of these at the studio!


Go check it out now and let me know what you think!  I am off to catch up on all I have been putting off during the re-design.  New photos coming soon… And on the technical side of things, if you have emailed me in the last few weeks and have not heard back, I […]

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Rachel Vos - I love your new site design and your photos are as beautiful as ever!!!

Chloe - I cannot tell you how inspirational you are. Such beautiful photography-you are truly incredible. And your new site showcases your work magnificently. Keep up your fantastic work.

jenny gg - i love the ‘old movie’ aspects!! killa cool yo.

Della - HOLY COW it’s fantastic!! So creative and showcases your work beautifully.

Ali - love it! just fabulous!

Jena Murray - Love every bit of it!! All the hard work and sticking to the vision really paid off… well done, Mish!

sarah f - miche, i am as always impressed by the beauty you capture in the small (albeit wonderful) moments of our lives! i truly love the format of the site.

Taylor Swedberg - Very well done, Misha. Great vision.

jl - exquisite. per usual. gorgeous everything. well done (to all)

Kimmie Dix - Your new website is amazing. You are such an incredibly talented artist! Thank you for capturing such beautiful memories from our wedding. We couldn’t be happier. 🙂

erin kate - …love it!

Clare - Misha, it looks AWESOME!! Congratulations to you! You are amazing.

Aaron - It’s awesome. I hope you get a chance to kick back and enjoy those cookies now:).

gabe - sweet mercy! love the new site.

Melissa Tomeoni with soul mates photography - it’s fabulous!! i love the new site. just love it.

Betsy Watters - Your new site is BEAUTIFUL! I love the into and the old movie feel with the noise and scratches on the photos. A gorgeous new site to display your fabulous photography!

jaemi - nice work, mish… i mean, it’s not like i’m surprised ;). u wanna start doin’ web design with me and naomi now? 😀

Debbie Brenner - I love the new website. The intro is incredible!


Yes, I have been very quiet lately. But it is because I have been working hard on my website, logo and blog. So things might look a little screwy around here for a while while things are transferring. But as the big reveal happens, let me know what you think.  And, by the way, I […]

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Carol Harrold - I am truly a huge fan of your work – I want to keep looking and looking at your site. It is amazing!!! I’m so glad to have met you!

michelemwaite - leah– well you guys certainly didn’t waste any time! many congrats. thanks for the comments!

Leah Crews - Looks wonderful Michele! Loads a lot faster too! Congrats on the baby:) I hope you are feeling better soon. We are expecting a baby in July and I am just now getting a little bit of energy back. Thank Goodness!

Sally - LOVE the new look!! I’m so excited to see what else you have up your sleeve:) Always an inspiration!

Suzanne Fogarty - MISHA!!!!!
This is SO cool! I LOVE the new look……went to your site to FINALLY take the time to check out that video trailer from Kim & Jim’s wedding (wow I really love that trailer).
You rock rock rock and boogie girl!

katy - You never cease to amaze me! BTW congratulations on your upcoming new bundle of joy! Keep up the great work and take care of yourself! 🙂

Brittany - Lookin’ good lady! You need to bring Daph over soon. . .

michelemwaite - thanks jl, i need all the help i can get right now. we’ll call it prego-brain…

Kim Hayes - whoo hoo! new blog looks fantastic! can’t wait to see the new site!

jl - great wallpaper/texture…

jl - “quiet”

i’m here for ya.

jenny gg - i LOVE what i see so far lady!

michelemwaite - Thanks Jamie! Working away…

Jamie Delaine - Wow!!! I love it! Michele, you blow me away. 🙂