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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Northwest Wedding: Lindsay + Ben

Sit back.  This is a long one folks.  Lindsay and Ben are just too cute. Locations:  The W Hotel and Newcastle Golf Assisting Photographer’s:  The fabulous Jen Fox and Sharlane Chase Wedding Coordinating and Design: An Affair to Remember Tech note:  I just got the Ray Flash and shot most of these reception shots with […]

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Jayden - No, you’re not weird, or no weirder than I am. As I inadicted in one of my comments, I do something similar. But perhaps people don’t read my comments, since I’m not a ‘real’ writer.

Alan & Karen Woo - Lovely wedding, great job.

Maria - I love these images so much! I love the hill series!

Great job!

Jen - Love all the photos! So much fun!!

Robb Duncan - Beautiful work, simply beautiful.

kimberly sanderson - These are gorgeous! I really love your post processing…it adds a very romantic feel to the images. Beautiful work!

Melanie Lora - to echo everyone else LOOOOVE the shots on the hill and the black and white of them coming down the aisle—extraordinary. can’t wait to talk about me and SKy’s!:)

Lindsay Ford (bride) - Michelle, you and your crew were phenomenal, you absolutely made the day and we all had a blast working with you! Your photos are beautiful, I have multiple friends who are already hoping to book you for their future weddings. The pace with which you work to capture each of these special photos within such a short time frame is amazing. For prospective clients who are reading this, please know if you have the opportunity to book Michelle M. Waite Photography you should leap at the chance, she absolutely provides one of a kind photos!

Ben (The Groom) - Thank you so much! Lindsay and I had the best time with you and your team. Amidst the chaos of a momentous day, you and the girls were with us every step of the way. You took just a few minutes of our time and created images that are truly spectacular, capturing the intangible moments. It is such a pleasure to work with someone with so much natural talent. Thanks Michele.

Terell - The sunset pictures are phenomenal!

rachel baker - love your work, beautiful and edgy!

Naomi Cox - How can you be SO talented?! These are amazing. How cool that you got all those pops of vibrant violet everywhere! Love those colors. This wedding looks awesome! Oh…and those shots on the hill!!

jen - i’m speechless. you are true magic.

sergio mottola - wow! the mascara shot is awesome. and the group shots hurt, theyre so good. i am channeling some of this for my first solo weddings this weekend (back to back :S )

Khara Plicanic - Lovin’ all the negative space in the group shots on the hills! 🙂 Touche!

Alishia - I’m always curious to see wedding photos from a wedding photographer’s wedding. So you and Mark getting hitched? Or does that break protocol?

Sharlane - It’s official…you’re a magician. Seriously. I was there…it was stunning…they were uber-cute, but somehow you made it ART. It would have been easy to take pretty pictures of a super cute couple on their fabulous wedding day but you made it ART!!! (plus you made it a whole lotta fun for everyone).

Back and Better Than Ever: Zey + Matt’s Wedding

I now have 2 weddings under my belt after giving birth just 4 weeks ago and ladies, let me tell you, it is possible!  So many of you have been emailing me about being moms and professionals and having babies, etc.  and it really can work with a little extra help and patience.  But yes, […]

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sts - What template do you use in your website

Carrie Messenheimer - WOW! These are stunning. I absolutely love them all. I would have the hardest time picking out which ones I would want to show off if I was the bride…. Great photos, makes me want to see MORE.

Rebecca - Wow — just stunning. I love these images, they really show how in love the couple is, by the way they gaze at one another. SO beautiful Misha!!

The Leftoverist - Truly–better than ever! What a treat to see these photos.

Jena Murray - These photos are fantastic! The light and the colors just radiate spring time. You captured this couple’s happiness and joy on their wedding day perfectly! I love all the details you blend in with the amazing and natural looking portraits of the couple – my fav shot is of the two of them walking up the stairs – the bride looks so happy!

Ashlee - I hope that my own wedding pics turn out this awesome!! I live in the midwest and it’s hard to find a photographer with such a great eye. Beautiful wedding!

Mary Basnight - Misha….your work is simply stunning! The color and lighting skills you have exhibited with the detail shots, especially the candy table with the waterfront background, are amazing. I too wish I had had you for my wedding photographer. I also love the brides smile….she seems to be really enjoying her day!!!!

Adrienne Maples - WOW! Those are AMAZING! I love the first wind photo, it’s absolutely stunning. I want that on my wall!! I wish I had images like this from my wedding, you truly have a wonderful artistic vision!

tania - Oh my goodness — these images are absolutely amazing! So pretty…. They must be in absolute heaven!

Sharlane - Love, love, LOVE the shot of the Bride and Groom in front of the green metal door!!! The Bride looks like she is having the time of her life with her adoring Groom. If only I could get my guy to stare at me that way…I’m working it, and when he does you can bet you’ll be shooting the festivities. If my photos turn out half this amazing I will be THRILLED! P.S. Is it weird that I have chosen my wedding photographer before he proposed?!?!

Melissa Jill :) - Michele you seriously ROCKED this one. Way to go! I’ve always admired your style and this wedding is up there with your best work.

Arden - OMG you have had an amazing eye ever since I have known you but I have to say I think this is one of your best yet. The lighting is out of this world. I wish I was getting married again just so I could hire you. The style of photography you shoot is so perfect for what couples like now! Candid, natural, the real stuff. I LOVE IT! I hope you submit these to lots of magazines. Maybe they can do a story on how enlightened you are to what is the it & now.

Khara Plicanic - Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! What a lucky bride and groom to have such a genius photographer to capture the beginning of their new adventure! They must be thrilled! Job well done, as usual!

brooke mayo - these are the most AMAZING wedding photos I have ever seen!!! I wish I had known about your fabulous, creative, fun images when I got married!! Your vision is incredible, the light, the moments…. I know this couple is bursting with excitement, as always, wonderful job!

Jonalyn - Michele-your work is magnificent! I cannot wait to see Lindsay and Ben’s wedding through your lense! Jonalyn

Kellie Kano - girl, tired or not…you can still rock a tilt-shift 😉 Great stuff…

Kayla - These are SO fantastic! Wow! Every shot is creative! Love them all!

Naomi Cox - Congrats on getting 2 weddings done! Yes, it is amazing what is possible when we think we just can’t make it anymore! As always, your photos are stunning. I love that you always seem to capture a bit of mystery in them.

Mark A Higgins - Michelle, the detail images really convey a sense of what it was like to be there! Great job in setting the scene and serving a reminder to the bride and groom in the coming years when they look back at the blur of their wedding day that the little things make the difference.

Kim Hayes - i love that you can rock it like this right after having a beautiful baby girl! you inspire all of us who are worried about babies + weddings, and how they will marry. 🙂 these are beautiful!

jen - you rock my world. the misha magic!

Latest Batch of Albums

More, more and more albums.   I am so in love with these Custom Letterpress Albums!

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nicol lischka - your work is stunning! i have you on repeat – i come to see what you’re up to at least every couple of weeks. would love to assist you if you’re ever in vancouver shooting. in the meantime, could you tell me where you get these albums?

cathy - these albums are simply beautiful. the letterpress adds a touch of class. i still have yet to make my wedding album. might i ask what company you use to make these albums?

Naomi Cox - These are gorgeous!!!

rachel baker - love your work, beautiful and edgy!

Kayla - WOW! These are fabulous! Do you mind sharing where you get these done? I LOVE letterpress!