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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Out of the Studio

The studio will be closed until February 1st.  I am heading off to some much needed family and rest time.  I will head off with a few shots of Daphne and Fiona from last week.   Hoping to see you on the 4th at We Heart Sharlane!

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Naomi Cox - Yes! Excited to see you tomorrow for We Heart Sharlane. Could Fiona + Daphne be any cuter?!

cristina - the new place for your dream

Meli - I just adore your photography! So many of your captures made me laugh, smile and almost cry…and then to read your We Heart Sharlane post and benefit….wow! What a great person and friend you are…among many other things I am sure. I am such a fan. Continued success…

Tess@WeddingThemes - Beautiful Pictures! thanks for sharing! 🙂

Leslie Jenkins - Michèle,
Enjoy your time off for some R&R. We all need to take a step back and breathe, it helps us remember what’s most important about life.
On a personal note, I wanted to know if you are interested in exchanging blog links. Would you like your blog listed on my blogroll with just your website name or some other text?
On a business note, friends of mine at Exclusively Weddings said if I ever ran into a quality wedding related website (like this one) to ask if you might be interested in listing them on your blog? Is it possible to have them listed in your navigation or footer under a category like “Vendors” or “Links”? They might be open to other options if you have any other ideas. Of course, I’m sure they could pay you a fee by PayPal for your time.
Enough about them I look forward to hearing back from you either way and keep up these great posts!!

Leslie Jenkins

WE Heart Sharlane

“Sharlane is a mother, a photographer, and our friend. This year began like a fairy tale, complete with a magical proposal from the man she loves. Like too many fairy tales, this one turned dark as Sharlane was diagnosed with cancer even before the wedding planning could begin. The diagnosis itself is scary enough, but […]

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