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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Out of the Studio

I will be out of the studio this week for our annual trip to Camp Side by Side.  Lots more photos to come.  Here a few of the girls.

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Sadie - I can’t believe how big your darling girls are! Such beauties! I have to say, I’m in love with the precious tan line on Fiona’s chubby wrist…miss those days. 🙂
Had the pleasure of meeting Sergio at a dear friends wedding recently. The bride and Sergio are cousins. Can’t WAIT to see his photos from this wedding. He sure is a big fan, and I couldn’t agree more! 😉

Sharlane - Okay, so I put the last comment on the wrong post, but I do have to say I love the bowl-bra on Fiona.

Sharlane - These photos are awesome! I love seeing how much fun the kids are having. The picture of the boy deflecting the hose spray is so fun. I love it!


Just got in from a beautiful wedding.  Many more to come.

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Kailin - Parfait ce concept de « tectonique des plaques », mais la période analysée comporte des gros et des petits séismes en dehors des ⪇o;&absp;glissemqnts&nbspu» de terrain. Concernant plus particulièrement l’UMP on ne voit pas d’effet direct de la crise « summitale » Copé-Fillon. Pourtant on a assisté pendant plus d’un mois à une sévère bataille de pelochons, une vraie « tectonique des Claques » !!!

Beth - This picture is so heart warming — you captured such a sweet moment between these two!

Jackie Baisa - Fabulous sneak peak. Love the blanket and the mood. Looks like the day turned out great!