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Cindy - Michele, you are an awesome photographer. I adore your works. Since I saw your photos from the magazine, you have been my inspiration. Your albums are also attractive. Do you mind if I ask where you get your albums done from?

michelemwaite - Ali- yes, i have a tilt-shift. love it. and yes on the jpegs– i figure that if anything is that off with exposure, i shouldn’t be keeping it anyway…

Ali - Hi Michele,

I’m also curious about your really dreamy shots–did you invest in a TS-E lens?

You’re a jpg shooter? I’ve been shooting JPG+RAW recently…I use the JPG files unless I’ve really missed the exposure in a shot and then I can rescuse more with the RAW file.

Love your work, as always. You’re an inspiration.

– Ali

tara - hello!! beautiful work you do!!! i’ve been pondering about buying a lensbaby…is that what you use for your shots? or do you have an action for the same effect? i just love it, but can’t seem to get quite the replication of the lensbaby in photoshop…any advice would be terrific!!!! thanks!!! -t

michelemwaite - Huma and Anna: My color is straight outa camera with a slight addition of blue in PS for some shots– the 5D has fantastic color and, because it has a full frame sensor, slightly vignettes each shot. I also sometime add more vignetting in Adobe Camera Raw via Bridge. All of my shots in Jpeg as well. I rarely bump up the saturation because it can really kill skin tones. If anything, I bring down the saturation a bit. Hope that helps!

huma - hi there. i love your work. i have the same question as anna… how do you get such vivid colors? i am really getting into photography and feel that i have a decent eye for candid shots (most of my adorable nieces!) but really want to know how you get those colors as i am still building on the technical skills? is it because of the prime lenses? or is there fine tuning afterwards? and if so – do you use PhotoShop? thank you so much!

Anna - How do you get such vivid colors? Are you monkeying with the saturation after the fact or do they come out of your camera like that? Also, what do you use to get the dark vignetting?

Naybor - have you ever tried the Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G ED DX Fisheye
WOW what a lense!

michelemwaite - Ali- I don’t use both cameras at the same time. The Nikon is a “just in case” back-up. I like the freedom of just shooting with one body and changing lenses quickly as needed.

Ali - What do you do during ceremonies? Are you able to get close because you’re so stealth? 🙂 I don’t really miss having a telephoto lens except during ceremonies…I haven’t found my comfort zone in terms of how close I can get without becoming a nuisance.

michelemwaite.com - Renee. I love WHCC and ProDPI. I love WHCC’s velvet paper and ProDPI’s metallic. Have fun!

Renee - Hi- I love your photos!! Which lab do you use to have your images printed? Do you have a favorite paper(s) for prints? thanks,

michelemwaite - I think primes are sharper– no swiveling in and out to wiggle your focus. Go with the 135! Plus I hear that zoom is a total monster.

Ali - Also, is it awkward switching between Nikon and Canon interfaces during a wedding?

I need a tele lens and am trying to decide between the 70-200 2.8 IS or the 135 f/2 L. Decisions, decisions.

Ali - Thanks! I love primes for portrait work, but haven’t found my comfort zone with them at weddings. I have a 24-70L and am considering selling it in favor of the 16-35. The 24-70 isn’t quite wide enough on my 30D.

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